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Accessories furniture (range)
  • Accessories furniture (range)
  • Accessories furniture (range)
  • Accessories furniture (range)
  • Accessories furniture (range)

Accessories furniture (range)

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Country of manufacture:Russia

There are several types of furniture accessories, in each of which the huge range of elements of accessories is presented.

  1. Loops. Loops happen different types (for example, royalny, card, four-hinged), are made of various materials and applied rather often in production of furniture, for example, to fastening of a cover of a desk or a secretary, the opening doors, etc.
  2. Mobile mechanisms for transformation of furniture and fixing in certain provisions. Similar devices are everywhere used in folding sofas with a sliding half, in lockers with a vertical door, etc.
  3. Couplers. These accessories are intended for fixing of two elements of furniture from each other, and also for increase in durability of products.
  4. Guides. In them there is a need at installation of sliding doors (for example, accessories for sliding wardrobes), drawers, baskets.
  5. Connecting products. Squares, flanges, springs, clamps, etc. concern to them. Such products are applied everywhere in furniture production.
  6. Special fasteners. This look turns on screws, bolts, nuts and a set of other similar accessories without which not to do during creation of any element of furniture.
  7. Locks, latches, latches. This group is more often used as clamps, however such function as protection against unauthorized access is rather demanded. For example, the case with cleaners can be closed that the small child incidentally did not reach them and did not suffer.
  8. Support. Here legs just for decoration of all types including regulated, castors for "mobile" furniture, etc. belong.
  9. Handles. Quite often furniture handles for a case or a box carry out not only the obligatory function, but also act as a decorative element.
  10. Caps. The important detail urged to hide shortcomings of repair or forcedly not esthetic details of furniture.
  11. Bars, hooks. The accessories for the wardrobe room and cases for clothes help to place compactly and accurately clothes on all space of a case and at the same time to keep its appearance.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 08.08.2019
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